Gentlebirth Childbirth Education

Becoming calm, confident and in control from pregnancy through postpartum.

Sadly, many of us have come to expect that birth will likely be awful, dangerous, and dramatic.  What's worse, we are pressured to not set any expectations or goals so we won't be let down.  What if I told you can learn things and prepare to stack the odds in your favor for a positive birth experience?  Gentlebirth will help you plan well to avoid pitfalls that cause many birth problems, and get you in a better headspace so you can feel more confident as a parent even if unexpected situations arise.

It's like this...

I don't think anyone is planning for a disappointing or traumatic birth.  But did you know that lack of parent preparation could cause more negative birth experiences? Pressure from care givers, friends' "horror stories," and our own previous birth experiences can all instill fear about labor and birth, and that fear alone often sets us up for harder labors.


No wonder so many parents wind up home with a tiny human feeling inadequate, bullied, confused, depressed or disconnected from their own baby!


I can relate. After my first two very-opposite births, I can tell you I've experienced the obvious difference a quality childbirth prep program can make!  Before I had my first baby, I dutifully attended my hospital's free birth class and consulted popular mainstream books and websites.  What I didn't realize is that I was basically just being prepped to mold myself to the hospital's policies and procedures--not to be able to discern what routines may or may not be best in my individual circumstance.  In the end we did have various complications that were likely preventable, and I went home feeling somehow robbed as a mother.


Thankfully the next time around, I paid for an independent birth class that made me realize I had many misconceptions about birth and my options!  This time, even though it was the hardest work I had ever done, I came away feeling empowered and over-all capable as a mother.


Now, as a certified Gentlebirth Instructor, I am excited to pass on to you the things I learned that made the difference!

It's simple!


  1. Read more about what GentleBirth classes cover by clicking here!
  2. At the link below, choose the upcoming workshop date that is best for you. If no specific dates are listed, or you need a different arrangement, just chose the "set up a date/time that works for me" option.  If that is what you choose, you will be contacted soon to make arrangements!
  3.  Submit payment when you register!  You're all set!  You can get a jumpstart by downloading and using the GentleBirth app before class even starts!

Your birth sets the stage for your parenting future--and you have a right to feel confident in both.


You get to take ownership of your parenthood starting in pregnancy!  Gentlebirth is designed to help you have:

  • Confidence in the birth process and how you are made to parent well
  • Understanding the pros and cons of your choices, and how to navigate those for the birth you want
  • Awareness of your "labor toolkit" of comfort measures and resources during labor
  • Calmer and more positive feelings throughout birth and beyond, even if things don't go according to plan


Without a class like this, you may be more likely to experience:

  • Getting whatever birth you are "given."
  • You or your baby being put at unnecessary risk
  • More difficulty maintaining a strong mindset through birth, potentially leading to more anxiety or a sense of suffering
  • Having initial bonding and breastfeeding disrupted, leading to more potential breastfeeding difficulties
  • Feeling unempowered as a parent

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What if you seized ownership of your own birth?