By Your Side for Your Confident Birth and Beginnings

Whether you are looking for childbirth classes to truly be in the know, a birth doula to be at your side, or placenta encapsulation to help feel your best, you're right at home now!  Whatever your feelings, goals, or experiences are, that is O.K., and you are not alone. You have a right to feel calm about your birth process (vaginal or Cesarean), capable of making the best decisions for you and your baby, and confident in yourself as a parent and person.

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Gentlebirth Classes

Combining brain science, birth science, and tech to prepare you and your partner for the most positive birth possible.

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Birth Doula Support

Your personal pregnancy and birth coach, encyclopedia, and comfort.  Readily available before, at, and after your birth.

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Placenta Encapsulation

Best care options for your body, mind, and family continue. Stack the odds in your favor for your best postpartum!

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Hi, I'm Kailyn!

As a mom of six, I've learned firsthand how much preparation (or lack there-of) and mindset for birth and beyond can color our future relationship with our babies and ourselves.  After my own home and hospital births, live births and loss, I was motivated to train as a birth professional so that I could help other parents improve their experiences.  I'm honored to share with you some ways I've learned to be prepared and foster a positive outlook through all the ups and downs of motherhood.

I know that a positive birth is about more than mom and baby being physically "okay."  I want you to feel good about it, too.  

My relationship as a Christ-follower leads me to bring love, respect, and compassion in serving families from a variety of belief backgrounds.  I'm ready and eager to walk with you not only as a wealth of info and resources, but also as a safe space to help you process your emotions and move into a thriving future.

- Kailyn Browning